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About AbleRoad™

AbleRoad™ connects people with accessible businesses. AbleRoad gives people with disabilities, families, friends, caregivers and business owners an online destination to rate and review community access.

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The Team

Kevin G. McGuire

Kevin is a renowned leader in disability policy, advocacy, and training. In 1991, he founded McGuire Associates, Inc., a leading consulting firm specializing in issues of compliance with Federal and State disability-related laws. Over the past 20 years he has grown his company to a multi-employee operation serving the largest construction projects and corporations in the country and internationally.
Passionate about educating the professional world about the disability space, Kevin has conducted over 500 conferences, trained over 25,000 facilities staff people, and lectured widely to conventions, TV audiences, public sector workshops, and corporate compliance executives. He has extensive experience in producing and selling disability-related instructional videos as well as a background in motion picture and television productions, serving as technical advisor and in an onscreen featured role in “Born on the Fourth of July”, a technical advisor in “Gattaca,” and appearing in several daytime television dramas. As a wheelchair user, Kevin’s own spinal cord injury has afforded him a personal appreciation and deep insight into issues surrounding persons with disabilities.

Bret Siarkowski

Bret is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience initiating and leading technology companies in the design and application of innovative market-demanded solutions as well as creating new markets. His extensive experience spans the mobile, gaming, healthcare, software, semiconductor and electronics industries.
Bret serves on the Board of Directors for several technology companies and is a Limited Partner at Kodiak Venture Partners. Bret is the founder of Casenet Inc. an enterprise care management healthcare software company. He is also a founding board member of, an on demand video learning community.
He has held visionary roles at industry leading corporations including Cadence Design, Synopsys and Digital Equipment Corporation and as well as startups such as Chrysalis Symbolic Design and Verplex Systems.
Bret holds a BSEE from Northeastern University and an MSEE from the University of Southern California. Mr. Siarkowski is an active Mentor in the Northeastern University Entrepreneurs organization. He holds several patents that cover both software and hardware industries.