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Accessibility Review of Red's Kitchen + Tavern
Red's Kitchen + Tavern
Yelp average rating of 3.5

Yelp 301 Reviews
131 Newbury St
Peabody, MA 01960

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2015-08-17 22:48:50 - tom.mux.5(26)

As a wheelchair user, in my opinion Reds meets almost all Mass Accessibility Codes, from parking to bathrooms and interior seating. The accessible path of travel to the different parts of the restaurant is fine. There are 2 things. There is a section that has the old style diner counter top and swivel stools and although there is no accessible seating in that area there is a section right next to that area that has the same service and view of TV’s. In the bar area, although there is no lowered section of the bar, there is an accessible table in the bar section. At the moment they will remove the booth seats and table and place an accessible table and chairs there. If you want to sit there just ask the hostess. The food is great with a good variety and reasonable pricing. I believe they are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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