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Red’s Kitchen and Tavern
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Red’s Kitchen and Tavern
131 Newbury St
Peabody, MA 01960
4.5 Star

4.5 Average Star Rating

For wheelchair users Reds meets almost all Mass Accessibility Codes, from parking to bathrooms and interior seating. The accessible path of travel to the different parts of the restaurant is fine. The food is great with a good variety and reasonable pricing.

Review of the Day

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MaxT reviewed Qing Dao Garden
Cambridge, MA
3.5 Star

3.5 Average Star Rating

Don’t let the kitschy entrance or the not - quite - accessible door threshold deter you. The food here is worth the visit, particularly the dumplings! There is actually a double door threshold, each threshold is about three quarter inches high. So you may need some assistance getting in, if you use a wheelchair or other mobility device. (Definitely a readily achievable barrier removal project under the ADA, but until someone files a lawsuit.) On the plus side, there is plenty of room to move around once you’re inside, and the restrooms are accessible. There is no disability parking, but there is lots of metered parking available on Massachusetts Avenue. Or take the Route 77 MBTA bus from Harvard Square.

Top Review of the Week

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PapsJr reviewed Stockyard Restaurant
Brighton, MA
4.5 Star

4.5 Average Star Rating

Food was sooo good!!! Definitely going back !! Street level with two lite doors no auto !! very friendly staff !! accessible bathroom !! wide enough space to get your chair through !! parking lot with hp spots !!

Featured Review

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motelco reviewed Lafleur’s Restaurant
Jay, ME
4 Star

4 Average Star Rating

LaFleur’s is a safe bet for any meal if you’re in the area. Not too expensive, not fancy, not a roadhouse. Parking lot is unstriped, so there are no accessible spaces, but it’s very large. Entrance hallway is a tad narrow, but not horrible. Bathrooms are completely inaccessible - absurd even for an able-bodied person. It’s quite small, so if you’re headed to an event (Chamber of Commerce meeting, banquet, etc.), get there early so you’re not trying to get past anyone in the hallway.

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Most Reviews - "PapsJr" has 433

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PapsJr reviewed Dunkin’ Donuts
Brookline, MA
4 Star

4 Average Star Rating

street level !! one lite door no auto !!on street parking hp across the street use the t spots! friendly service !!! right off green line fine reach for peeps in chairs !! wide open space !! its brookline ~~

Most Reviews in One Day - "MaxT" with 40

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MaxT reviewed Emack & Bolio’s Ice Cream
Cambridge, MA
3.5 Star

3.5 Average Star Rating

Part of the Porter Square Mall, accessibility at this ice cream shop is good overall. There is accessible parking in the mall parking lot, including van-accessible parking. There is a step-free accessible entrance (although adding an automatic door opener would make it better), and good circulation inside. The serving counter is a bit on the high side.

Welcome "original2tall" Our Newest Reviewer

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original2tall reviewed Logan’s Roadhouse
Murfreesboro, TN
5 Star

5 Average Star Rating

We went to Logan’s with the entire family and although we waited for a table for the 8 of us the table was easily accessible for the power chair. The bar level is up a step but the area near the rest room was ramped up on an easy grade. The area we sat in was very easily accessed with the power chair.

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