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Boutique Fabulous
Yelp average rating of 4.5
74 Reviews
1309 Cambridge St
Inman Square
Cambridge, MA 02139
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Categories: Jewelry, homedecor

Yelp Reviews

2016-02-24 - Cathy Z.
Boutique Fabulous is a super fun place to browse alone or with a friend! They always have a ton of reasonably priced gift items from the mundane (scarves,...- Read More
2015-08-12 - Meg K.
This place is so good!!! It's the perfect little shop to get lost in, when suddenly, you realize you're super hungry because an hour has elapsed while you...- Read More
2015-05-02 - Meghan M.
I gave this boutique 4 **** star achievement. The only reason it didn't get the 5 is because I think it's pricey for nick-nacks. And being a poor...- Read More
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2016-05-10 21:03:13 - MaxT(142)

This terrific little boutique has lots of interesting items. There is a step free entrance with an automatic door opener. Sweet! On-street disability parking nearby, or in the Springfield St. municipal parking lot a block away. Definitely worth a visit!