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Kendall Square Cinema
Yelp average rating of 4
282 Reviews
355 Binney St
Kendall Square/MIT
Cambridge, MA 02139
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Category: Cinema

Yelp Reviews

2018-04-07 - Jason S.
Probably one of the nicest theaters I've been to in a long time. Very clean, comfortable seating that reclined. Its convenient to park in the attached...- Read More
2018-01-01 - Brian B.
This is the future of cinemas in some of the movie going markets in the US and beyond. Small theaters and seats like lazy boys. Footrests (ahhhhhhh) and...- Read More
2017-07-14 - Jamie B.
When I want to watch a movie that I know will be great, I take a (digital) stroll over to Kendall Square Cinema's website to make my selection, since this...- Read More
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2014-01-18 11:40:28 - AuRtist(1)

Captiview Closed Captioning has been available for any movie I’ve seen there, including narrow release or indie films I’ve gone to see there. The equipment works well and has rarely had to be reset because of errant captioning (a problem I’ve encountered in other theaters).

Parking is $3 in the multi-level lot beside the theater. It’s very confusing to enter and leave. In order to only pay $3 you need to get your parking stub validated inside the theater. There are two machines on the counter between the ticket booth and the snack bar. They are on a pretty high countertop. They are also cognitively difficult, even though clearly marked with instructions (text and visual) for how to insert a ticket. You then have to go to the pay station on the main level of the parking garage to pay. It’s often a long line on busy nights.

The doors to enter and exit are confusing. The doors to enter are on the left (when outside and facing the building), which lead right to the ticket line. The exit doors are on the right (when outside facing the building), and if there is enough traffic in and out, people keep trying to enter the exit doors, and this creates a lot of havoc with people weaving around each other.

The listing of movies and showtimes is very small to read, and showtimes for the same movie showing in two theaters can be on the same board (which is confusing).

The washrooms are upstairs. There are two stairwells to get up to the washrooms. There is an elevator but I didn’t use it. The upstairs area has a lot of doors, not great signage (especially when using the secondary stairwell that’s further from the entrance). It feels like a maze.

Have never used the concession stand. I bring my own water bottle.

All that said, the staff were friendly, and helpful about the captioning device. The theater always seems pretty well staffed.