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Luke’s Lobster Back Bay
Yelp average rating of 4
1088 Reviews
75 Exeter Street
Back Bay
Boston, MA 02116
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Category: Seafood

Yelp Reviews

2018-04-17 - Michelle B.
I've visited Boston a number of times but had never had a lobsta roll. I know right?!? What the hell kid! I decided to end this travesty and got my as* to...- Read More
2018-04-19 - Joanna L.
There was so much hype about Luke's lobster rolls that I was pretty excited - and had high expectations. The only lobster roll I had this trip to Boston was...- Read More
2018-04-17 - Kyle D.
Overall: Quick, easy, and delicious! Luke's is a must if you're in the mood for lobster but don't need a waited-on experience. The good: The lobster roll...- Read More
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2018-04-22 14:17:15 - PapsJr(601)

street level !! no auto door one lite door!! this place is accessible but once u start adding people to the equation not very accessible!! this place gets packed quick with limited tables that are chair height !! the counters too high for a chair! very friendly service on the move!! ramp to get to the bathroom enjoy the lobster roll!! YUMMY just beware of the crowd!! chairs move to the side not lots of space or enjoy outside more room on the sidewalk!!