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Pizza Hut
Yelp average rating of 1
1 Review
5069 Us Ave
Plattsburgh, NY 12901
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Categories: Pizza, italian

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2016-03-29 - Andre R.
ordered a simple order for delivery and did not get my soda or sauce with it , then when i called the manager emily showed no care for the error and told me...- Read More
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2.5 Star Overall Rating

2.5 Star

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2017-09-07 17:01:34 - John3491(4)

Pizza was good and service was fast. Accessibility was poor at best. If you need a walker or wheelchair call ahead and have the manager meet you at the ramp for safety. The ramp in concrete and 12 to 14 inches high and no safety hand rail on the open side. The first entrance door opens left to right out and the handle is on the parking lot open side. Once inside the vestibule the inner door opens right to left directly into you. The inner door has to be open for you before you enter the vestibule if you want to enter the main lobby to the dinning room.The lobby area is also the resister section to pay your bill. The bathrooms are not wheelchair accessible and very small. Some-one needing a walker would also have a problem using the facility.